Zimbabwe Albino Association



Advocacy and Awareness Raising

Awareness Raising

ZIMAS seeks to eliminate the stigma and discrimination that persons with albinism face in the society as well as advancing their rights. We engage in workshops, seminars, radio talk shows, Television programs and other media interviews to enlighten the society about the plight of persons with albinism. In Zimbabwe, persons with albinism fall victim to multiple forms of discrimination due to the colour of their skin and are sometimes ritualized or seen as the product of witchcraft. Due to this, they are often systematically excluded from education, employment and social opportunities on an equal basis with others.


ZIMAS advocates for the rights of persons with albinism at national level though influencing policy in areas such as education, health and employment. ZIMAS promotes social, political and economic participation of persons with albinism. We also participate in various forums that aim at advancing the rights of persons with disabilities and we are a member of the Human Rights Commission (Special Interest Group)


We promote access to education for persons with albinism from primary to tertiary level. We source funding to finance scholarships for students with albinism and we offer first preference to those residing in the rural areas who are more vulnerable and have limited access to quality education. We also assist students with albinism to enroll in colleges and universities for further education and training.

Know Who We Are

About us

The Zimbabwe Albino Association is non-profit making organization formed to remove from society the traditional based stigma and its related consequences on persons with albinism in all spheres of human activity.

ZIMAS ‘s mandate is to identify the specific needs of persons  with albinism and find way and means of raising adequate resources to either provide for some of these needs or to assist persons with albinism get access to facilities that will enable them to meet their own needs. Our goal is to rid society of the myths and misconceptions surrounding albinism though advocacy, awareness campaigns and empowerment of persons with albinism.


Albinism is not a curse
The video is meant to sensitize communities especially those in the rural areas about albinism. Albinism is an inherited genetic
The Zimbabwe Albino Association (ZIMAS), an organization of persons with disabilities together with Christian Blind Mission (CBM), which supported as
Our youth members enrolled at National Rehabilitation Centre in Ruwa, an institution that offers vocational training to persons with disabilities
ZIMAS in partnership with CBM under the projecttitled Improving employment opportunities for youth with albinism through comprehensive low vision services
Zimbabwe Albino Association in partnership with Seeing is Believing, CBM, Council for the Blind Zimbabwe is currently implementing a project