The Zimbabwe Albino Association is non-profit making organization formed to remove from society the traditional based stigma and its related consequences on persons with albinism in all spheres of human activity. ZIMAS ‘s mandate is to identify the specific needs of persons  with albinism and find way and means of raising adequate resources to either provide for some of these needs or to assist persons with albinism get access to facilities that will enable them to meet their own needs. Our goal is to rid society of the myths and misconceptions surrounding albinism though advocacy, awareness campaigns and empowerment of persons with albinism.

— Our Vision

To live in a society driven by equity and social justice, a society where Persons with Albinism are seen as competent and capable contributors to the prosperity of the country

— Our Mission

To improve the living conditions of Persons with Albinism by removing barriers that prevent them from realizing their true potential

— Our Objectives

  • To enlighten society on the rights of persons with albinism, particularly the rights of women and children with albinism.
  • To provide psycho-emotional support to persons with albinism and their families
  • To promote education and training for persons with albinism.
  • To promote access to skin cancer treatment for persons with albinism
  • To provide sunscreen lotion and spectacles to persons with albinism

— Our Values

  • Equality– We believe that all human beings are equal regardless of their race or skin colour hence there must be equal opportunities for all
  • Integrity-We are accountable to the people that we serve and we believe in transparency and honesty in carrying out our work
  • Excellence- We endeavor to offer the best services to the people that we serve.
  • Team work- We believe more can be achieved through the spirit of togetherness

Our History

From its formation ZIMAS has worked with the government of Zimbabwe, various embassies, corporates and  agencies in its quest to improve the living conditions of persons with albinism as well as advancing their rights.

  • advocated for accessibility and reasonable accommodation in schools for students with albinism. This initiative resulted in the ministry of education coming up with a circular (NO.2 OF 2000) stipulating the special needs of learners with albinism and providing guidance to teachers on how they can best assist learners with albinism. The circular stipulates the need for large print, appropriate sitting positions in class and promoting peer acceptance among other things.
  •  advocated for the inclusion of chemicals require to produce sunscreen lotion on the essential drug list (EDLIST) aiming for the government to provide sunscreen lotion in all state health institution. However the government has not provided sunscreen lotion in health institutions.
  • partnered with the Danish Embassy to conduct Needs Assessment Survey for persons with albinism.
  •  also partnered with the United States embassy to capacitate women with albinism through sewing projects.
  •  worked with the Africa Development Fund (ADF) to empower persons with albinism through poultry projects.
  • We worked with the National Aids Council to stop the spread of HIV among persons with albinism.
  • has worked with the Spanish embassy to advance the rights of persons with albinism through awareness campaigns.
  • has worked with the United Nations Information Centre to raise awareness about challenges facing persons with albinism by assisting in hosting the International Albinism Awareness day celebrations.
  • has also worked with Germany Development Fund which provided funding operational costs such as staffing and remuneration.
  • has worked with the Japan International Cooperative Agency (JAICA) to provide staff training for ZIMAS human resource.
  • has also partnered with the Swiss embassy to provide assistive devices such as spectacles to persons with albinism.
  • also worked with the British embassy to provide sunscreen lotions to persons with albinism.
  • worked with the Netherlands Embassy by assisting in staff development through training of ZIMAS human resource.