Youth attending vocational training at National Rehabilitation Centre in Ruwa

Our youth members enrolled at National Rehabilitation Centre in Ruwa, an institution that offers vocational training to persons with disabilities in Zimbabwe. They trained for one year courses in the following fields;

  1. Carpentry
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3.  Horticulture
  4.  Information Technology
  5. Leatherwork Technology
  6. Motor mechanics
  7. Purchasing and Supply Management

they were awarded with National Certificate and National Foundation Certificates in their respective fields

             Students enrolled at Ruwa Vocational Training Centre

They were supported with learning materials comprising of laptops, backpacks, routers, 4 tray tools boxes, textbook, exercise books, scientific calculators, USB memory sticks, carpentry equipment, leather sheets, Rexene sheets, Stanley jack planes, electrical engineering equipment, work suits, safety shoes and gumboots.

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